The Settings page is the behind-the-scenes control center for CultureHQ.  Here, you can adjust a variety of information that appears in other areas of the platform.

Departments and Locations
These may be uploaded from a user directory via single sign-on or the .csv file.  You may also manually add them through this tab.  If a user adds a new department or location to his/her profile, it will also appear in this list.  When we upload a revised .csv file for your account, users will be linked to the department and location listed in the file.  If they have selected additional departments in the platform, these will remain on their profile.

These company values serve as the hashtags for all recognitions.  They may also be tagged to events hosted by users or admins.

This list is composed of our default list, any hobbies/interests you add to it, and the additional ones that users write on their profiles.  Users will see these hobbies/interests in the drop-down of pre-selections, when choosing which to add to their profile.

This list includes our default list of skills, any that you add to it, and the additional ones that users write on their profiles.  It should also include company-specific processes that groups of employees have knowledge of -- these will help employees give and receive related endorsements.

Recognition Types
Please see the Recognitions help page for more information.

Auto Recognitions
These recognitions reward a use publicly and with points for completing certain checkpoints in the platform.  You may turn them one or off on this tab.

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