Widgets are the boxes that appear on the right side of the platform's homepage.  They are a way to get information quickly to employees.

The Widgets tab allows you to manage and customize the right-side area of the Home page.  On this tab, you will find the default widgets of point leaderboard, recognitions, and surveys.  All three of these may be disabled, which moves them into the "disabled" section of the Widget tab and hides them from the homepage.

Creating New Widgets
Additional widgets may be created through the "new widget" link near the top of the page.  This link allows you to customize the title, photo, and written element of your new widget.  Back at the list of all widgets, you may customize their order by dragging a widget using the shaded grey area on the left side of the screen.

We recommend that you create a few widgets that are customized for your company's culture.  These could convey information about important announcements, new employees, quotes of the day, and employee birthdays and milestones.  You may update widgets with new information on a regular basis.

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