Anyone using the platform can create (host) an event.  On the Events page, events in the Upcoming category that get underway are tagged with a red "Live" marker.  If the event lasts longer than 24 hours (i.e., a month-long fundraiser), it moves to the Ongoing category of events.  When an event is completed, it moves to the Past category, where it is archived.

HR-sponsored designation
Only administrators can flag an event as HR-sponsored, which marks it as an official company event.  Create an event by clicking on the Create Event button on the Feed tab or the Events tab.  As you fill out event information, you'll find the "Sponsored Event?" field near the bottom of the page.  This will create a "Sponsored" flag to denote the event as HR-/company-sponsored on the Events page.  You can also add this flag later, through the edit feature on an existing event's page.

Tagging Interests
Tagging interests related to your event will label the event and send an email alert to users who have any of those interests on their profiles.  This will happen after 15 minutes, provided you do not first invite the users in the standard way.

Other event options
The "Additional Settings' link at the bottom of the event creation page will open up other selections for your event.  Among other things, you may designate an event invite-only, cap it with a participant limit, or tag it to specific business values.

Post-event surveys
If you have created an event with a post-event survey, you may click on the "Survey" link at the top of the event's page to access it.  If you did not choose a survey, you may add one here.  This is the survey that all guests will receive, provided they do not RSVP "No" to the event.  Only you as the event's host can see this link to edit the survey, and the others at the top of the page.

Every survey asks participants for a mandatory 5-star rating.  There are also default questions, "Should we do this event again?" and "Provide a quick comment to the host" -- which are both optional and may be removed.  You may create and add any additional survey questions, which will be optional for respondents.  As with the widget survey, there are five types of survey questions from which to choose, and question chronology may be changed.  Be sure that the survey is finalized before the event ends.  At that time, participants will receive an email to take it.  As responses come in, click on the same "Survey" link to see the resulting data for your event.

Expenses may be added before, during, or following an event.  The "Expenses" link is right beside the "Survey" link at the top of an event's page.  Use the monetary and designation fields to keep track of expenses for this event.

Photos may be added before, during, or following an event, by clicking on the Photos tab in the middle of the event's page.  You can upload photos one at a time, or upload multiple photos at once.  All event photos also go into a larger repository, accessible through the Photos link on the right of the Events page.

Event Data tab
Participation, feedback, and expense information flows into the Event Data tab.  Here, you will see top-level quantitative data for all of your recent events.  The mandatory 5-star rating question guarantees that you will at least receive this quantitative marker from all participants.  Our forthcoming analytics section will include graphics and go in depth with measuring event value and employee participation levels.

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