Click the Create Event button at the top of the Feed or the Events tab to create an event within your organization.

The four-step process is a quick and easy way to create your event.  The information captured during this process will help manage, broadcast, and archive your event in the appropriate way.

Events can fall under a variety of preset categories, or Other.  They can be as simple as a 1-on-1 coffee with a friend, a lunch with a group, an afternoon run, a happy hour, or a team outing.

Announcing Your Event via Email and Slack
Before inviting guests (more info below), you have the opportunity to broadcast your event to specific users during the Visibility step -- provided it is not private.

The ability to tag interests to your event will contextualize its theme and send email alerts to users with those interests on their profiles.  This will let them know that your new event is relevant to them.

If your organization has set up a Slack integration with CultureHQ, you may also broadcast your event to a specific channel in Slack.  This will increase event visibility and allow users to RSVP directly from the post within Slack:

Adding a Post-Event Survey
During the Advanced Settings step, add an optional post-event survey and choose who will see the responses.

Select other key event features during this step.

Inviting Guests
After your event is created, you will be prompted right away to invite other users to attend.  In this pop-up, you may invite users individually or by group (location, department, interest).

Note: you may also edit the RSVP status of a guest by clicking on the "View all guests" link on your event's page.

Your Finished Event Page
Use the links on the left side of your event page to access specific actions.  Here, you can adjust your post-event survey (if you have one), or add itemized expenses.

Survey and expense data is visible only for the host and admins (unless you have marked it visible to only the host).

When your event is over, the Survey link on the left of the event's page will display the RSVP and survey response data.

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