Leverage CultureHQ to create any type of event with your team or department. It is a centralized and engaging way to bring everybody together. With ratings/reviews, you can get feedback on what to do differently with the team, adjust as necessary, to continually improve the team's culture.

By using CultureHQ, you will save time by not having to go back and forth through emails, create lasting team memories to look back on, and inspire other teams across your company to transform their team's culture.

Here are a few examples on how others are using it with teams:

  1. Team Outings

  2. Team-Building Events

  3. Sales Blitzes / Team Competitions

Interested in learning more or want to talk to us for some creative ideas on how to use CultureHQ with your team? Chat with us through the green chat icon on the bottom right! We'd love to help!

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