Why add colleagues to your community ?
Adding colleagues to your community is a helpful way to keep track of the employees that you know at your company.  It also expands the mutual connections that you have in common with the colleagues you have not yet met.

Your community
Your community can be viewed on the Home tab, the Community tab, and on your profile.

How to add colleagues
Add a colleague to your community by clicking on the Connect button on the Home tab, the Community tab, or on your colleague's profile.  This will send a note that you have added him/her, and ask if they would like to do the same for you.  You are now able to endorse that person for skills and interests through the Endorse button.

The Community tab
View your community through the "My Connections" filter on the left.

Click on the "Suggested" filter to sort your colleagues by potential connections of high-value.  These suggestions also appear on the Home tab, and are determined using our algorithm.

You may also filter by location, department, and interest, or search for a colleague by name.

Growing your community is a helpful way to build a strong network of resources.  You may leverage your community to network with colleagues who:

  • have specific skills

  • have overlapping interests and passions

  • can help you grow your career

  • can teach you about other areas of the company

  • can introduce you to employees you would like to meet

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