Writing an endorsement
Writing an endorsement for a colleague is validation that he or she has been a helpful resource for you.  This allows other colleagues to identify the right person as a resource in the future.

After you have added a colleague to your community through the Connect button on his or her profile, an Endorse button will appear:

You can endorse your colleagues for interests, skills, and areas they're knowledgeable about.  A qualitative note accompanies every endorsement to provide further context.

Your endorsement will appear on the Feed and on the Endorsement tab of your colleague's profile.

How to leverage endorsements
Use endorsements to find high-value colleagues who can:

  • explain a process at your company, such as a client ticketing support system

  • teach you a skill such as SPSS -- or acoustic guitar

  • help you with professional growth

  • describe how a role or team works

  • connect with you about a shared interest

Use the Home (below) or Community tabs to search for colleagues by interest, skill, or knowledge area:

Your search will filter the colleagues on the Community tab appropriately -- displaying the highest-endorsed for your keyword first. 

Open your colleagues' profiles to view the number of endorsements beside each interest and skill.  Clicking on each will show the endorsements and accompanying notes.

After you find and connect with a colleague, be sure to endorse him or her for the help you have received.

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