Beyond the updates that are automatically posted to a Slack channel, Slack has also approved the use of CultureHQ through slash commands.

Syncing your profile

To begin using slash commands in Slack, type "/chq" in any channel.  You will be prompted to log in to CultureHQ, which will allow Slack to recognize you as a user.

Slash Commands in Slack
You are then able to use any of the slash commands below to display information or connect with, recognize, or endorse a colleague.  These commands can be typed in any channel and will not display to anyone else in that channel.  Type "/chq" at any time to display this same list of commands.

Endorsing from text in Slack
Text that is written in Slack can be used as the body text of an endorsement.  To use a message in this way, hover over it and click the "..." button that appears to its right.  Then click the "Endorse on CultureHQ" option.  You will be able to edit or add to the text before saving the endorsement.

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