Adding New Prompts

Admins can easily add story prompts and send them to colleagues.

In the Admin view, click on the "Stories" tab on the left of the screen. This repository shows existing prompts and the number of stories and tags users have added to each.

Click the green "Add a Story Prompt" button to open the modal. Here, you can write your prompt in question or non-question form. Add a gamification score (usually 50 points) and any relevant tags.

Sending Prompts to Users

Use the "Send Prompt" botton on the right of the screen to send a specific prompt to colleagues.

From the ensuing dropdown, you can send your prompt in three ways:

Copy Link

Use to copy the URL for the prompt.

Send in Slack

Use to send the prompt through a Slack channel or directly to individuals in Slack. The Slack integration must first be enabled in order to make use of this option.

Send to specific users

Use to send the prompt to individuals or a group of users. This will send recipients an email and an in-app notification. You can also change the image/GIF and add an accompanying note.

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