The Culture Page

In the Admin view, you land by default on the "Culture Page" tab on the left side. This is where you can create, edit, and adjust your external culture page. View our sample culture page here.

Click "Edit Page" to access the two sections: Design Page and Approve Content.

Design Page

You'll probably need to set up these basic elements only once.

Add a logo and a header image. Then add a header text (to display over the header image) and a welcome note. You can also change the primary color of the page. Your adjustments are shown in the preview to the right as they are made.

Approve Content

This selection process should be revisited as you continue to update your culture page's content.

Select the people and stories that you wish to spotlight on your page. Stories that are most recent will appear at the top of your culture page.

Set Your Culture Page Live

Use the buttons at the top-right to preview your page, save it, and set it live. Once live, the URL is published and can be posted or shared with anyone.

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