When your culture page is live, it becomes a repository of all the special things about your company. You can share the repository itself with people, or share bits and pieces of it.

Sharing Stories in Messages and on Social

Use the finished culture page itself to send and post stories. On the culture page, use the tags on the left to filter the content accordingly. This also changes the URL, which can now be shared to reflect the specific filter.

To share a specific story, click on that story and then click the arrow at the top-right of the modal. Copy this URL to share it in an email, message, or on social. When sent or posted, the story will generate a smart preview of its content.

Embedding the Full Culture Page on Your Website

If you choose, you can consolidate your About, Careers, and Team pages into your one culture page.

You'll see on culturehq.com that we have done this via the "About" link at the bottom. Our open roles appear through the link in the welcome note at the top of the cutlure page.

Embedding Specific Stories on Your Website or a Job Posting

You can embed one or several stories (in a slider) on a company page or job posting.

On the "Culture Page" tab of the Admin dashboard, click the "Embed Stories" button at the top. Next, filter for the story or stories that you wish to display. This filter will generate a code at the bottom. Have your IT team insert this code in the page where they wish to use it.

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