CultureHQ and Slack Integration

Learn how CultureHQ integrates with Slack

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What does our Slack integration offer?

The CultureHQ/Slack integration provides an easy way to receive updates happening from within the CultureHQ platform. You will see things like: new events created, event updates, new surveys, and new announcements.

Here's the current list of updates being delivered to Slack:

  1. New event created

  2. Event date/time or location change

  3. Event is starting

  4. New survey is posted

  5. New widget enabled on home page (i.e. announcements, employee spotlights, and more)

How do you configure the Slack integration?

Here are some quick steps for the configuration:

If you are an Admin in the platform, you can find the integration through the Settings tab on the left navigation. There will be an "Integrations" tab, which has the Add to Slack button, and will display the channel you choose to deliver the content to.

If you are a User, you can access the integration on your "My Profile" page. Along the top, there is a tab labeled "Integrations" that has the Add to Slack button, and the channel you choose to deliver the content to.

If you have any questions about this integration, please don't hesitate to chat with us through our chat icon, or by emailing us at

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