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Creating and managing widget surveys

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Unlike post-event surveys, which are tied to a specific event, regular surveys allow you to ask more general questions of your employees.  If your survey widget is enabled, these survey questions will appear on the right side of the homepage for employees at your company to access.  They can also be taken by employees through the Surveys tab at the top of the screen.

The Surveys tab at the top of the screen is your survey management center.  On that page, you'll see three tabs.  The first two tabs show available and completed surveys -- these are visible to all employees and reflect the surveys they have taken.

The "Manage Surveys" tab is unique to administrators.  You can use this tab for two things:

Creating new surveys
Click the green button to create a new survey.  Enter the survey title, point increase for those who take it, and whether users can see the results after submitting their survey.  Then, add your survey question(s), and save the survey by activating it or by keeping it as a draft.

Managing existing surveys
Surveys appear in this list by the date they were created.  The actions that correspond to each survey depend on the survey's status.  Note that there are additional actions through the "..." button on the right of each line.


  • You may always add new questions to an inactive survey, and reactivate it for those who have not yet taken it.  When reactivated, the survey will retain its old responses.

  • If your account is set up so that users (non-admins) may create surveys, then they will also be able to see and use the "Manage Surveys" tab.  However, they will not be able to change or edit the surveys that have been written by administrators.

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