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Increase Your Community Score
Increase Your Community Score

Accruing badges for enhancing your workplace community

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Your Community Score is a measure of how much you are contributing by way of activity on CultureHQ. By completing specific actions, you earn the corresponding badges and score increases. The more you earn, the more community-strengthening and branding your score signifies.

The Leaderboard

If the Leaderboard widget is active on the platform's Home page, use it to check the standings for your organization. You may also view each colleague's score under their profile photo on the Community page.

Your Community Score History; Increasing your Score

At the top-right of the screen, open the trophy icon to view your latest points in the dropdown. At the bottom, click on "View All" to see all your point achievements. Or, open your profile and click on the "Achievements" tab.

To learn about all the ways in which you can earn points, click "Learn more" at the bottom of the trophy icon dropdown.

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