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Personalize Your Profile
Personalize Your Profile

Adding content to your profile

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Every employee who has been invited into CultureHQ has a profile page -- regardless of whether that individual has logged into the platform to claim it.

When you are invited to the platform in most cases, you will first go through an onboarding flow to complete your profile.

During this flow, you'll be prompted to upload a profile picture, and to add interests and skills:

Once in the platform, access your profile through the dropdown in the top-right corner. At the top of your profile page, click on the "Interests" and "Skills" links to edit or add more of each:

As during onboarding, you may also create your own interests and skills here.  After it has been added to your profile, click an interest or skill to see which of your colleagues share it.

Also when editing your profile, you may adjust your email notification settings and change your password (if you don't use single sign-on). You may also add your LinkedIn URL and Twitter handle so they appear on your profile.

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