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Step 1: Invite Employees to the Platform
Step 1: Invite Employees to the Platform
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You'll need to first invite users into the platform so they can being sharing their stories. Invited users can join CultureHQ through either the Web or mobile app.

Only Admins can use the Invite User function. If single sign-on is enabled, users will need to be personally assigned the app by IT.

Users may be invited one at a time. If you wish to bulk-invite a large group, the CultureHQ team can invites on behalf of any user at a specified time. The team will use a .csv file to plug in profile information and send the invites.

There are two types of invites:

  1. An invite that brings a new user to the Homepage

  2. An invite that asks a new user to answer a specific story trend or prompt

Invite a new user through the second method only if you intend for them to contribute a specific story.

Method One: the regular and traditional method of inviting a new user

Click the Admin button at the top-right of the platform. Select "Users" from the left panel. Then click the green "Invite a New User" button.

In the box that pops up, you may fill out a number of fields about the user you are inviting. Be sure to enter at least their e-mail, name, location, and Admin (yes/no).

An invited user will receive an email. When they click to enter the platform, they go through a short onboarding flow to complete their profile.

Method Two: invite a new user to answer a story trend or prompt

First, pull up the story trend or the prompt you wish to send the new user.

Then, Click on the paper airplane icon:

In the box that pops up, you may select or upload an image/GIF and add a welcome note (below).

Then, type in the user's name you wish to invite and click "Create user" in the dropdown. You will be prompted to add their email address.

A user invited in this way will receive an email to join. When they open it and click to enter the platform, they will not go through the standard onboarding flow.

They will instead arrive on the Home page and see your request for their story as a pending action at the top.

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