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Step 2: Collect Stories from Employees
Step 2: Collect Stories from Employees
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Introducing: Prompts and Story Trends

All stories are responses to prompts.

Prompts help frame a story in a sort of call-and-response format. Prompts can be answered with an unlimited number of stories by unlimited users.

If prompts are like songs, then story trends are the albums. A story trend captures a particular theme, under which specific prompts are grouped:

Adding Prompts and Story Trends

Admins can easily add story prompts and trends, and send them to colleagues through the Web version of the platform.

In the Admin view, click on "Prompts" under the "Stories" tab on the left of the screen.

This repository shows existing story trends. Open a dropdown to see the prompts under that trend.

Click the green "Create a Story Trend" button to open the modal. Your trend may cover a specific theme or summarize a team within your organization.

First, fill out the Title of your story trend. Then add a banner image and a summary that will only display internally. You can also add an instructional video for users on how to create their stories.

Next, add your prompt(s) for this trend. You can write your prompt in question or non-question form. Add a gamification score (usually 50 points) and any relevant tags.

You can always edit your story trend or add prompts later.

Sending a Story Trend Page to Users

From the "Prompts" tab of your Admin view, send the story trend to user(s) using the three buttons on the right:

Copy Link

Use to copy the URL for the trend.

Send to specific users

Use to send the trend to individuals AND/OR a group of users. This will send recipients an email and an in-app notification. You can also change the image/GIF and add an accompanying note.

Send in Slack

Use to send the prompt through a Slack channel or directly to individuals in Slack. The Slack integration must first be enabled in order to make use of this option.

When you send a story trend through any of these channels, it will appear as an action item at the top of the recipient's Home page.

Sending a Prompt to Users

Click into any story trend page. Then, click on the prompt you wish to send.

A modal will open, with the same three options as in the above to send your prompt:

As when sending a story trend to a user, sending a prompt will create a to-do reminder at the top of the recipient's Home page.

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