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Step 4: Publish/Approve Content for Social
Step 4: Publish/Approve Content for Social
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CultureHQ allows stories to be posted from its platform across the following social networks:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

Through an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn, the CultureHQ platform is also able to mimic the LinkedIn interface. This allows users to post to LinkedIn and react to LinkedIn stories without leaving CultureHQ.

Choose Social Networks for the Account

In a one-time setup, you may designate which social networks users can leverage to post CultureHQ stories.

Near the bottom of the Admin bar, click on the "Integrations" tab. Then, select the "Social" section and choose the networks that users will be able to post to. (Each user will have to connect their social accounts with CultureHQ later).

Approving User Stories for Social

The default CultureHQ settings are such that, in order to be shared on social, every story must be reviewed and approved by an admin.

**If you prefer to allow users to share on social without admin review and approval, the CultureHQ team can enable this setting.**

To prepare a story for social, click on the "Review" tab of the Admin bar.

On this page, the "Approved" section contains all stories that have been reviewed by an admin and approved for the Culture Page.

For the story you wish to post, click on the "Social" option under the Actions section on the right.

This will open a modal to prepare your story for posting. Here, you can:

  • Select who will post this story

  • Choose to which social channels the story can be posted

  • Edit the story verbiage

  • Schedule the story to post for a later date

  • Select users to be notified of this story's approval

During the first step of selecting who should post the story, the admin can approve it for sharing by...

  • the admin on the company's social accounts

  • the admin on their own personal accounts

  • the story's author or another user on their personal accounts

The first two options allow the admin to share instantly.

The third option creates a social-ready post on the Home page that the user can click on when ready to share to social. If you choose the third option and schedule the post for later, it will not appear on the Home page until the designated time, ready for the user to share from the PC or mobile (appearing to them as the below):

Whether posting yourself or preparing a draft for a user, you may choose the social accounts to post to in the next dropdown.

Note how each selection produces a new draft tab in the screenshot below. You can edit the drafts to make the LinkedIn post different from the Facebook post, for example.

If the story is posted to LinkedIn, that post can be interacted with on CultureHQ (below). LinkedIn reactions and comments outside of CultureHQ will also display here.

Completing Your Social Post

Distinct from the LinkedIn process above, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok require that personal posts (not through a company account) be completed through a mobile device.

If you click to share on these social networks from a PC, then you'll need to scan the generated QR code to open your story in the CultureHQ app:

There, you will click the button to copy the story text, and paste it in the social app. You'll be given the choice of format -- whether as a post, story, trend, etc.

This mobile flow will complete your post to Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

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