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Step 5: Use Your External Culture Page
Step 5: Use Your External Culture Page

An overview of your Culture Page; how to create and share externally

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Introduction: The Culture Page

Your Culture Page is a page created by CultureHQ that allows you to showcase your people and their stories externally. It can be accessed through the "Culture Page" tab in your Admin bar.

The page is published under a unique URL that you can visit or share with others.

The content from the page can also be embedded into your organization's webpages or placed on job postings.

Editing Culture Page Design

The basic elements of the page need only be set up once. Your CultureHQ team will probably do this for you.

At any time, you can edit the page design by adjusting your logo, header image, header text, and welcome note. You can also change the primary color of the page. Your adjustments are shown in the preview to the right as they are made.

Click on the "Culture Page" tab in the Admin bar, then on the "Edit Page" button, and then open the "Design Page" section. Click on the elements to make your edits.

Adjusting Culture Page Content

Approve stories for the Culture Page by clicking on the "Review" tab of your Admin bar. Stories that are approved here will automatically be shown on the Culture Page.

Click on the "Culture Page" tab in the Admin bar, then the "Edit Page" button, then open the "Select Content" section.

Here, you will be able to select or de-select the stories you approved during the "Review" process.

You can also select people from your organization to highlight. Click the area under "Select Profile Spotlights" to find and select users. Then click "Edit Arrangement" to change their order of display.

Using Your Culture Page Externally

You can share your Culture Page or its elements in several ways:

Sharing the Complete Page

The complete page can be shared by copying the URL and sharing it with a recipient. This URL can also be used in email signatures, such as for members of a talent acquisition team.

The URL for your Culture Page can be found at the top-left of the page when you click on the "Culture Page" tab in the Admin bar (first image, above).

Embedding the Page

Click on the "Culture Page" tab in the Admin bar, then on the "Embed" button.

From this dropdown, you can embed a Stories Slider, Story Trend Slider, or the full Landing Page. All three options provide you with the code that your IT team can insert into any webpage run by your organization.

The Stories Slider and Story Trend Slider allow you to embed a combination of stories (or full trends) on a webpage. Note that you can filter the stories by specific tags and your code will change respectively to reflect only those stories.

Embedding a Single Story in a Job Req

Back on the "Review" tab in the Admin bar, click on the "Approved" section at the top. For any story on this list, click the "Share" button on the right, then "Embed" in the dropdown. This is a great tool for posting a hiring manager video to a job req.

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