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Manage CultureHQ Gamification
Manage CultureHQ Gamification
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Community Score Overview

The Community Score measures a user's contribution on CultureHQ.

Users accrue badges and points for specific actions they take in the platform. Their score forms an overall measure of their contribution, and the badges show its nature and breadth.

You may use the default Leaderboard widget to inspire some friendly competition, or disable it from the "Widget" tab in the Admin bar.

Each user's accrued points and badges can be found on their profile page:

Customizing Points

You may customize point values for certain actions in the platform, like answering specific story prompts.

Manually Awarding Points

You may award a user with a point bonus at any time.

To do this, go to the Community page at the top of the platform. Search for and find your user. Then, click on the "... More" link on the top of their profile card. Select the option to give the user a bonus:

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