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CultureHQ's Purpose

The purpose of CultureHQ is twofold:

  • Share your organization's special attributes with candidates and the outside world

  • Build relationships among colleagues

The CultureHQ Method

CultureHQ's driving approach is, "show, don't tell."

We know that many organizations have incredible people, stories, and culture. But most have trouble communicating these to candidates and other audiences.

The CultureHQ platform is designed to showcase an organization's unique attributes through the power of story. Its power rests in the videos, photos, and written text from the employees themselves.

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Strong and healthy relationships among colleagues are the key to any effective organization. Since the Covid-19 pandemic forced changes from 2020 onward, many relationships do not flourish as naturally as they once did.

Without the traditional watercooler chat, down time before meetings, and serendipitous exchanges, organizations must be more deliberate in fostering interpersonal connections.

CultureHQ's focus on personal interests, skills, and storytelling help colleagues learn about one another on their own time.

Employees use CultureHQ to learn about their colleagues' personal and work lives, hobbies, backgrounds, experiences, travel, and more.

As Maya Angelou once said, "We are more alike than we are unalike."

We strive to help colleagues understand the things they have in common, to appreciate each other's differences, and to ultimately build necessary trust.

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