Create a Montage
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You may create a montage by combining photos and videos from within the same story trend (group of prompts). Once completed, a montage is saved as a new video story.

As a first step, access your story trend through the "Prompts" tab of the Admin bar.

Users can also create montages by accessing a trend through the slider at the top of the Home page, through other published stories on CultureHQ.

On the trend's page, scroll down and click on the "Create Montage" button:

In the editing modes on the left side, use the "Templates" and "Stories" modes to select your theme and the specific stories to include. You can stitch together images and videos.

Use the other modes on the left to add music, text, or additional images/video to the montage.

In the "Details" mode on the left, complete your montage by adding dialogue and tags. It will be saved as a new story in the trend.

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