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User Stories in 2024: A Faster Approach
User Stories in 2024: A Faster Approach
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As of April 2024, there is a faster way to invite your users to share stories. This new flow allows the users to contribute their stories without having to sign into CultureHQ. It has the following benefits:

  • provides a more direct approach to get stories quickly

  • does not require a user's SSO, VPN, or username/password

  • allows admins to separate one-time users from the platform

  • allows admins to post CultureHQ story URLs and see who responds, rather than appeal to specific users (see bottom of article)

Setting the Prompt / Trend Public

In order for a prompt or trend to be answered by users outside of the platform, the trend page must first be set to a "Public" access level.

This allows the page to be visible via a public URL, and its approved stories to be visible as examples for users.

Once the trend page is public, you may copy the URL for this page or for any prompt within it. The URL can be shared with users (new or existing), or posted on an intranet, etc.

The User's Flow

The User Completes Their Story

Any user (whether they have come into CultureHQ before or not) can click on your URL and provide their story.

Clicking on the URL will take the user to the relevant prompt or trend page, accessed via Web on the PC or mobile:

The user will have the benefit of seeing existing stories in the bottom-left of the page to serve as helpful examples. Only stories that the admins have approved will show here.

The User's Profile Information

After completing their story, the user will be asked for their email address. If the system identifies them as a current user, their story will be sent for approval.

If the system does not recognize their email address, they will be asked to complete a user profile. This includes fields for name, title, department, location, and a profile photo. The user must also agree to CultureHQ's policies, and to their own employer's consent or release form, if provided.

After the user is recognized or completes the profile creation, their story will be uploaded and sent for approval:

The user will then arrive at the trend page, where they will have a chance to complete stories from other prompts.

Approving Stories and Users

Stories submitted in this public way will come into the "Review" tab of the Admin view. They will not show automatically on the Home feed until they are approved for either external or internal-only use.

In the "Users" tab of the Admin view, new users from this public flow will come in with an Unapproved tag and label. Admins may approve these users or leave them pending.

When you approve a new user, they will become Enabled and have access to the community in the CultureHQ platform. When granting this, also be sure to activate that user's SSO or any other tools they'll need to log in.

If you instead keep the user in their Unapproved state, they will not be given access to the CultureHQ platform, but can still contribute from the outside in perpetuity. Their profile will be recognized during future story submissions.

Once a story is approved for an Unapproved user, that user's red Unapproved tag will disappear, but they will stay in this state until it is changed by an admin.

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